Lazy Bear Tea
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Welcome To lazy bear tea

Lazy Bear teas are made with cascara, the fruit of the coffee cherry.

We combine this mighty fruit with simple, natural ingredients to brew a new tea experience that your tastebuds, health, and the planet will approve of.

Sound intriguing? Join us as we fall in love with cascara and its potential to make the world a little better one sip at a time.


Our Roots

Lazy Bear was founded on three premises: we should enjoy the things we eat and drink (they should be delicious!), those things should nourish us (they should be good for us!), and they should be responsibly sourced and produced (good for the planet!).


Our tEA

We pride ourselves on brewing teas from cascara that are some of the most delicious beverages you’ve ever had. We combine completely natural, wholesome ingredients that bring out the best of each other. 


our Manifesto

We promise to bring you delicious beverages that are good for you, good for the people that make them possible and good for the planet.

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