What can cascara do for you?

Cascara health benefits

Why drinking a Lazy Bear tea is actually pretty good for you!

Many of us start off the year full of good intentions: eat healthier, do more exercise and take a bit more time out to check in with ourselves. But as soon as schedules fill up, old habits start to creep back in and our good intentions remain just that…intentions.

One area where this becomes particularly true is sugar. Many of us have yearned to consume less of it, only to find that so much of the food we eat is loaded with added and hidden sugars well surpassing what we may consider healthy. There is so much convincing evidence showing the negative effects of high-sugar diets, yet it remains remarkably difficult to stay in control of how much sugar we are consuming. That’s why we’re so excited to have created a delicious range of cascara teas that are actually good for you, and because we use the delicious coffee fruit as our base, we do not need to add much, if any, sugar to our beverages. They are low calorie, low sugar superteas, pure and simple.

And it's not just the low sugar we can brag about...

What are the other health benefits of cascara / coffee fruit?

Not only do our teas taste great but they’re also:

  • Packed full of antioxidants (twice as many as a green tea!)

  • Rich in potassium (more than a banana!)

  • Enough naturally energizing caffeine to give your day a boost but not so much to interfere with your day (or other caffeinated drinks :)

But that’s not all. Studies have shown that due to the high concentration of polyphenols in the coffee fruit, it can be classed as a superfood. As if this anti-inflammatory, powerfully antioxidant ingredient wasn’t enough, extensive research conducted by Future Ceuticals for over a decade has revealed that cascara contains an essential protein that helps to maintain healthy brain processes, including cognition, mood and sleep.

We like to think of Lazy Bear tea as a beverage without compromise: a refreshing iced tea packed with nutrition, none of the artificial or unnecessary sweeteners, and a social and environmental mission to guide its production. 

Why not give one of our Lazy Bear tea’s a try? Click here to find out where we are stocked.

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