Is the Coffee fruit a super fruit?

We've written about the health properties of the coffee fruit before: incredibly high in antioxidants, rich in potassium, and a full flavor without many calories or sugar. But every day we see more articles and research about the incredible coffee fruit and how people are using it to boost their health around the world, so we thought we'd share a bit more with you!

One area where coffee fruit really shines is antioxidant content. Organic Lifestyle Magazine explains the nature of the coffee fruit's antioxidant properties:  “Cascara is rejuvenating because it’s high in polyphenol compounds: proanthocyanidins, chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, ferulic acid and caffeic acid. The coffee berry fruit has been found to be higher in antioxidants than tea, vitamin C and E, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and pomegranate.

These polyphenols in cascara can be amazing immunity boosters, anti-inflammatory, and protect the body from a range of illnesses. FutureCeuticals has conducted clinical research on the coffee fruit, and has found a significant positive impact on the brain because it "delivers support for naturally declining neuroprotein [BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor)] levels in humans." This effect can improve sleep, mood, and other essential brain functions. So is the coffee cherry a "super fruit", and does that make cascara a "super tea"? What do you think? We're honestly curious! There is fatigue around those words and folks want to better understand how these research findings apply to their lifestyles and we feel the same way! 

Nonetheless, these are all awesome findings that give us more reasons to love the coffee fruit and the cascara teas we can brew from it. But please, keep in mind that we're not health professionals or scientists so we're not in a position to make any bold claims or suggestions for how to incorporate coffee fruit into your current health needs. Instead, we fully advocate for well-balanced lifestyles and diets because there simply are no silver bullets!

Enjoy some cascara tea and its health-boosting properties as part of a healthy joyful life! 


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