our roots

Lazy Bear was founded in order to craft wholesome, delicious beverages from 'cascara'. When we set out to build that vision, we also took to heart three simple premises: we should enjoy the beverages we drink, those drinks should nourish us, and their ingredients should be responsibly sourced and produced. 

What is cAscara?

Let’s start with the literal translation: 'cascara' translates to husk, skin, or peel in spanish. For coffee cherries, cascara refers to the red outer layers of the fruit, which house the beans that get roasted into the coffee we all know to date.

After the coffee bean is removed, the coffee cherry is often discarded, even dumped into waterways. It’s estimated that each hectare of coffee is responsible for 2.25 tonnes of coffee fruit waste each year, contributing to 75% of the water pollution associated with coffee production.

But there is another (delicious) way to do things. What remains of the fruit can be carefully dried into 'cascara' and brewed into our delicious, superfruit teas that contain powerful antioxidants, revitalizing energy and real flavor, not tons of added sugar.

So if cascara is such a great thing, why hasn’t anyone used it before?

We give credit where credit is due! Using cascara is not a new concept. As far as we know, people in Yemen, Ethiopia, and Bolivia have been drinking some form of a cascara tea for centuries. Lazy Bear is excited to join the ranks of others using this mighty fruit to bring cascara wherever you are.

Why is the company called Lazy Bear?

One of our founders - Dani- was born and raised in the eje cafetero, one of the main coffee-growing regions in Colombia. Sloths love the bamboo-filled forests near coffee farms in that region and make regular appearances if you pay close attention. In spanish, the name for a sloth is 'oso perezoso', which literally translates to lazy bear, one of the cutest translations between the two languages and cultures we love. That's how our little lazy bear was born! We also think the simple lifestyle of sloths mirror our crafting philosophy: do more with less.