Daniela uribe

Daniela’s love for cascara was inevitable…let’s just say that as a lover of both coffee and tea, the thought of a tea made from the coffee fruit was irresistible from the start. She grew up in the beautiful eje cafetero, one of the main coffee-growing regions of Colombia.  It is that landscape (and all the coffee fields she roamed through as a child) that inspires Lazy Bear: its beauty, abundance, and hard-working people producing the world’s most beloved crop. When not brewing the next batch of cascara tea or talking to people about the social and environmental mission of our company, you can find Daniela running up mountains, fueled by several bottles of cascara ;)


Erik Ornitz

A foodie and tea lover at heart, Erik fell in love with cascara at first sip. When he isn't concocting new recipes, Erik is out preaching to the world about this delicious beverage and the company's mission. Mountainside, lakeside or just relaxing in a park, there's nowhere that cascara isn't the perfect drink for Erik who loves being among trees almost as much as our favorite sloth friends. He can't wait to get bottles out to everyone, everywhere.

Drew Pic.jpg

Drew Fink

As neither the brains nor the beauty on team Lazy Bear, Drew has to make due with what he's got! When he isn't brewing batches of cascara with the team, Drew can be found as far into the hills as he can get, running, biking and skiing. One of the laziest bears at heart, Drew is thrilled to bring cascara to thirsty people everywhere who are looking for something that refreshes without compromise.